Maxillary buccal shield and adjustable molar planes :

  • The maxillary buccal shield is adjustable and adaptable to the morphology of each of your patients using for example, a crown or ring scissor 1.
  • The molar planes are extended to take care of the first cusps of second molars thus preventig unwanted eruption 2.

Bi-maxillary dental guide and lateral muscle bumpers :

  • All U Concept® devices consist of a bi-maxillary gutter serving as a dental guide, along with buccal and palatal/lingual shields so as to release the dental corridor from muscular interferences and centrifugal/centripetal forces.
  • This construction allows the patient to regain his own physiological positioning.

Inter-molar thickness dedicated to mechanical TMJ unlocking:

  • Produces a downward movement of the condyle and a non-forced progressive protusion 3.
  • Releases mandibular natural growth potential.

Tongue guide with lateral stimulators (4):

  • Lingual guide enhanced with lateral stimulators for faster and physiological placement of tongue in the palate.
  • The lateral stimulators prevent a low rest position of the tongue as soon as the devices are worn.
  • Produces a progressive re-education of the physiological positioning of the tongue into the palate.
  • Activates maxillary sagittal and transversal development.

Anterior buccal lip bumper and breathing holes :

  • The lip bumper keeps at distance muscular peri-oral forces.
  • Their vertical and rounded shape with undulating design is easily accepted by patients while generating a permanent stimulus.
  • The 3 inter-incisors ventilations allow a better acceptance at the beginning of treatment especially with mouth breathing patients.