Biocompatible silicon

U Concept® appliances are manufactured with soft, odorless and resilient biocompatible silicon. Offering a unique comfort to patients, they will facilitate initial patient’s motivation and are fully adjustable with scissors or a scalpel.

Inter-molar thickness dedicated to mechanical TMJ unlocking

Dedicated to unlock and center the condyle in the glenoid fossa, this feature is a prerequisite allowing to position dental arches in a neutral environment in combination with all other U Concept® features.

Tongue guide with stimulators

Allows to obtain a palatal rest position of the tongue and re-establishes a normalized swallowing process. The lateral stimulators prevent from a low rest position of the tongue as soon as the device is in mouth. Obtaining a palatal rest position during growth produces a sagittal, vertical and transversal development of the palate.

Buccal adjustable shields and frontal breathing holes

The unique feature of making the buccal, palatal and lingual shields adjustable, combined with 3 frontal breathing holes, will help individualizing the appliance to the patient and re-establish nasal breathing and labial competence, improving its wellness while normalizing the oro-facial sagittal, vertical and transversal growth.

Frontal lip and muscle bumpers

Placed vertically and drop shaped, they are keeping at distance buccal perioral musculature and release the dental arches from any buccal interferences. They will contribute to normalization of labial musculature and labio-mentalis tonicity.

Bi-maxillary dental guides

Combined with the buccal, palatal and lingual shields, the bi-maxillary dental guides will keep away dental arches from any muscular interference and from centrifugal and centripetal forces, helping patient to recover its own physiologic positioning.

Molar rotation guide

The rail shaped molar rotation guides are positioned on the posterior occlusal plane of U Concept® devices, and will fit in between molar cusps to ease molar distal rotation in the initial treatment phase.

Selection of trendy colors

Obtaining high-level initial motivation and conscientious appliance and treatment acceptance by the patient is essential in making the treatment successful. By offering 7 beautiful, trendy colors, in addition to the classic transparent version, U Concept® line is a great support to get patients actively and immediately involved.

Dark Blueelectric
Water Pink
Green Mint
Light Bluelagoon
Sweet Yellow
Shiny Red

Efficient communication tools

Raising awareness and draw attention to multiple advantages of early treatment, requires efficient communication tools: poster for the waiting room to draw attention, information brochure for parents and patients, user guide accompanying appliances and personal wearing card.